Information on Document Capture and Scanning

This support section contains general information on document capture and scanning. Read articles and view slideshows such as "What is Intelligent Document Capture?", "What is Document Indexing?", and "Understanding Your Scanning Requirements".

Information on  Document Capture and Scanning

Article Description
Intelligent Data Extraction, Turning Content into Data Learn how intelligent data capture has replaced scanning for archival. Understand how recognition technologies and capture software including advanced OCR, barcodes and regex, combine to extract your important data seamlessly from scans and existing files. The time is now to truly turn your content into data and real information. Visit the SlideShare too.
What Can Barcodes Do for Me? A look at the use of barcodes in today's intelligent data capture for document management and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) environments. Visit the SlideShare too.
What Is Intelligent Document and Data Capture? Understand how to get to the "nearly" paperless office with capture technologies and how document and data capture are defined. OCR text mining, barcodes, field validation, regex scripts, batch processing and image cleanup all play a role in moving from paper to a document management, search and retrieval, or EMR, EDR system. Visit the SlideShare too.
Understanding Scanning Requirements If you are new to scanning, there are a number of decisions you need to make to set up your scanning process. In this article, we discuss fundamental issues to help you make the best decisions for your workflow. Visit the SlideShare too.
What is Document Indexing? An explanation of document indexing, the technologies behind indexing automation and how indexing is integrated with document management systems.Visit the SlideShare too.
What is Batch Document Processing? Learn what batch document processing is and understand the key technologies applied to save time and money with batch processing. Visit the SlideShare too.
PDF v. TIFF? Which is the right format for your scanning project? A look at the capabilities and uses for the two most popular file formats for scanning documents. Discusses decision points to help you decide which format is best for your project.Visit the SlideShare too.
Improve OCR Accuracy with Document Cleanup and Enhancement See ways to improve OCR accuracy on document scans. Cleaning and enhancing images can greatly improve the accuracy of OCR interpretations on your documents. Learn about automatic sophisticated adaptive thresholding, text smoothing and more. Add field validation and preview and testing features for optimal OCR interpretation.Visit the SlideShare too.
Flexible Options for Medical and Dental Record Indexing Understand various options and technologies to index medical and dental records. From traditional document processing with splitting, naming and indexing to complex scan once, index many, see the options available to save time and improve indexing accuracy.
How Can I Create Barcode Separation Sheets? Learn about the free barcode separation sheet software for use with ImageRamp Batch.
8 Document Capture Must Haves, a Document Management Tutorial Learn the must haves of document capture: automated file naming, splitting and routing, barcode extraction, flexible indexing, easy document management integration and more. SlideShare presentation also available.
Data Mining Automates Document Capture Learn how using Regular Expressions or regex automates data capture. Visit the SlideShare too.
How to Calculate Document Volumes Learn how to estimate the volume of documents in the myriad of document containers from paper folders to banker's boxes to file cabinets.